When will we get out of the Stone Age or Why do we turn off the hot water

Every year a wonderful time comes around the country, when only cold water runs from the tap, and the kettle practically does not turn off in the mornings and evenings.Cherished boiling water may disappear for a week or several months - depending on how lucky you are. The main reason is maintenance work on the heating network, and they throw us back in time. How long will it last?

Why disconnect

Alas, prevention and testing are concepts of necessary evil.On the Internet regularly post pictures of pipes, which at home get the coveted boiling water. It's scary to look at them! Remember teapots. We constantly clean them, and after all soft water from a cold tap is poured in there, and everything that flows from hot water refers to technical water with a high salt content. They form a thick layer of sediment inside the pipes.

The heating system is not a perpetual motion machine, requiring replacement. Through it, under tremendous pressure, there are streams of water, going through many bends and joints. The most intense load falls on the winter, and then the risk of accidents increases. Therefore, utility services are being tested in the summer.

According to sanitary standards, work cannot last longer than 14 days. Those who have been tested for the whole summer have been advised by lawyers to write complaints to the prosecutor’s office, the housing inspectorate and other regulatory bodies, although the timeframes may be extended due to the increased complexity of the repairs being carried out.

The wear increases every year, but there is also good news: they promise us that soon the preparation of the pipes will be carried out with the redistribution of load between the sections, allowing at least a two-time reduction. Is it all so difficult?

What happens during prophylaxis

Water is heated in the boiler room, then boiling water goes through pipes to each house.The boiler also requires verification, otherwise there is a risk of breakage in cold weather, so it is stopped and a routine inspection and descaling is carried out. Heating main pass severe tests of pressure testing. Water is supplied under high pressure, and experts observe whether the entire flow has passed the established route, if not - the section is subject to repair.

In early 2019, the Ministry of Construction stated about the wear and tear of one third of all the country's heating networks.

The pipes in the disconnected areas are never left empty, so cold water begins to flow from the hot faucet, otherwise deformation will occur. Therefore, if there are metering devices in the apartment, then the best solution is to block the riser with hot water, otherwise we will end up with an account, as if we didn’t have any tests, and we calmly enjoyed the benefits of civilization in the form of a warm bath.

Is it really impossible in another way, and we will be tormented with basins every summer?

Why is hot water turned off in Russia, but not in Europe

Our citizens who have been to European countries return with slight bewilderment in their eyes: there is no tradition to wash under an ice shower every summer, boil basins on tiles and visit friends to visit with a view to washing. What's the secret?

In the US, the neighborhoods are heated by electric convectors, and in the apartment buildings of Western Europe there are boilers. In the warm European countries in the south, the houses are not equipped with a heating system at all! For example, the Italians in the winter include air conditioning for heating, but for them it is cold - when it is +15 degrees outside! It turns out that the Europeans get only cold water to the house, but it has little effect on the condition of the pipes.

Our heating networks have been preserved since the times of the USSR, and their length has become a high risk zone. In addition, Russia has severe winters that will not allow using only one heater. The experience of warm countries just does not help, but is there another way out?

When will we leave the Stone Age

It is unlikely that in the near future the whole country will be transferred to a fundamentally new system of heating and water supply.The terms are gradually reduced, for example, in Moscow after 2010 it is necessary to suffer only 10 days. For new buildings promise indulgence for several years due to new communications.

Found mention that by 2020, housing and communal services wants to reduce the time for switching off hot water to 7 days - sounds so far fantastic. Perhaps this applies only to the capital ...

There is talk that in the long term prevention will be held every 2 years. Employees of public services are hoping for innovations that will allow them to work more efficiently. When a miracle happens is not yet known.

On the other hand, we spend the time of maintenance work with benefits: we go to visit, steam in the baths, temper, invent new jokes, referring to what is happening with a light bit of irony!

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