What can be done from the old bath

Often after repair, the question arises, where to put the old bath. It is a pity to throw out, you can take it to the point of reception of scrap metal, but the benefit compared with the delivery work is a cheap one. But the bath is quite possible to give a second life, especially in the country or garden plot. Depending on your imagination, it can be turned into a flower bed, an alpine slide, you can make a pond or pool for children out of it, a brazier, a stove, a fireplace and even furniture with your own hands. Next - a few ideas with photos.

Watering tank

Garden plants do not like watering with cold water from a well, well or water supply. Therefore, it is preheated. Putting the bath in a sunny place, you can easily cope with this task.

The downside of such a decision will be some unaesthetic. White color does not look very organic on the background of well-kept beds. It is possible to hide such capacity behind farm buildings, but it is better to approach the matter creatively, for example, by turning it into a cow. To do this, you can paint the bath with black spots, attach the udder of a rubber glove and draw a head on the plywood. Good mood will be provided to everyone, including your neighbors.


Perhaps you have long dreamed of building a small pond in the garden, but, having calculated what is needed for construction, you put the dream aside for later. After all, it is necessary to make a good waterproofing, reinforce the walls, strengthen them with concrete.

All this is not needed if you turn into a pond that has served its bath. You can not even drain the water from such a pond for the winter. You just need to put a few plastic bottles into it, pouring some sand into them so that they can float in a semi-submerged position. Then the resulting ice will squeeze them, and will not break the walls of the bath.

On the banks of the reservoir you can plant the host, bells, bergenia, ferns, iris or rookewitz. If you decide to grow water lilies or arrowheads in the pond, then pour some sand with silt to the bottom. It is more convenient to plant such plants in pots, then it will be easier to change the water by opening the drain hole at the bottom. In this case, do not forget to drain, spilling large pebbles under it or digging in an old bucket without a bottom. You can even build a small fountain.

So that the water does not bloom, it must be periodically changed, using for watering. And you can run goldfish, crucians, catfish, loaches or even guppies with swordtails. Of course, if there is where to pick them up for the winter. In this case, your reservoir will not become a hospital for mosquitoes, and the fish will be full even without your participation.

Water for the pond is better to take from a natural reservoir or add at least a couple of buckets from a lake or river. To create a more complete ecosystem, you will also need snails - then you will not have to regularly clean the walls. To the bottom and the coast did not catch the eye of their unnatural whiteness, you have to paint them.

Outside, the pond can be laid out with stones, decorated with figures of birds. The only problem of such a pond is that hedgehogs often fall into it and cannot get out because of slippery walls. This problem can be solved if stones are poured from one edge flush with the edges.

Children's swimming pool

If you bought inflatable pools for children, then you know that they are difficult to wash, and besides, they are short-lived. A bath that has become unnecessary is much better for this. Bury it by making drainage as described above and your kids will be happy. Just do not forget to change the water in time.

Alpine Hill

For this great jacuzzi, but will fit and ordinary bath. Paint it, and after drying paint, cover it with soil, decorate with stones and plant your favorite flowers or decorative greens.

Flowerbed or garden bed

You can not bury a bath, but simply paint it in any color you like, cover it with earth and plant flowers in it. At the same time, it is not necessary to close the drain so that the water does not stagnate.

To make the plants feel good, water them more often, do not close the drain, put drainage from pebbles, rubble or expanded clay, then a layer of compost, small branches, dry grass, and then humus and earth on the bottom.

Bath is suitable not only for the beds, but also for the cultivation of thermophilic garden crops. Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers or zucchini will delight you with the crop much earlier if you plant them on such a bed. Outside, you need to paint the bath in a dark color so that it is better warmed by the sun. In spring, such a bed is easy to cover with a film or lutrasil to protect your landings from the cold of the night.

Important! If the frost is expected to be severe, then it is necessary to warm the tank on the sides with straw mats so that the metal does not become a conductor of cold. Bottom will also require insulation. This is best done immediately, before installing the beds in place. Place under it branches, dry grass or straw, then the roots of the plants will feel comfortable.

Chair or sofa to give

If you know how to handle a grinder, you can make a sofa or chairs. To do this, mark on the outside of the line, cut and get to work. Just do not forget to give the instrument a breather, because cast iron is not a flexible material.

Cutting a bath along one of the walls, you get a sofa, on which you just have to put pillows, well, and weld the legs, of course. And if you cut it across, you will get a couple of chairs. You can carve out from the central part more and a coffee table and place it all on the summer cottage.

The dignity of such furniture is not only in strength, but also in the fact that it can not be removed into the house, but only carried into the pillow. Do not forget to just grind off and grind the sharp edges of the cut.


This brazier for a long time keeps the heat from the coal. It can be divided into several sections for the simultaneous preparation of several dishes. And if there is another bath, then it can be used as a cover by welding the door hinges. In this case, you will get a wonderful oven, using which you will be able to fully realize your culinary talents. Brazier put on bricks or pipe lengths, so that it does not touch the ground.

An old bath is also useful for creating a capital stove or fireplace. It is possible that you will find some more applications. Having spent a little work and connecting the imagination, it is quite possible to create a real work of art with practical use from an unnecessary object.

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