The smallest A4 laser printer

The modern market offers the potential client the widest range of office equipment and printers in this regard is no exception. Manufacturers, in order to outperform the competitors, try to take into account all possible consumer demands, be it printing speed, cost price, quality, functionality or even the physical dimensions of the device. This article will discuss how and by what criteria should choose a small printer.

Criteria for choosing a small printer

The concept of "small" is quite extensible, besides small-sized devices often have limited functionality. If we talk about the acquisition of a compact model with the optimal number of functions for office or private use, then it is worth while relying on the following criteria when choosing a printer:

  1. Weight. Obviously, with small dimensions and weight of the device should not be large. Often on the shelves of the market you can find devices from four and a half kilograms.
  2. Dimensions. The dimensions of the device are directly dependent on the format of the material with which it will work. Simplified models are considered the most compact, since it is easier for them to find a place in the room.
  3. Print speed This parameter is especially important for those who work with large volumes of documents every day. Thermal jet models are considered acceptable for such works, and the price for them is not as high as for sublimation machines, which have a slightly higher printing speed.
  4. Resolution. Important for those who print a large number of photos or images. The best option is a model with a resolution of 4800 x 1200, however, the larger this parameter, the better the print will be.
  5. The number of colors. Not less important point for photo print lovers. Simple inkjet printers have only three primary colors, while more advanced models and laser devices work with 5-6 colors. In this case, the sublimation devices again go ahead, as their technology allows to achieve the greatest number of shades displayed on the printed product.
  6. Options These include, for example, the ability to control the device using a smartphone or laptop without a special cable. Many modern manufacturers equip their products with the control function via a Wi-Fi network.
  7. Price. Of course, the ideal printer is compact, inexpensive and produces high-quality printing, but in most cases these three parameters are directly dependent on each other.

On the issue of cost, it is necessary to add that the gradation of cost from lower to higher for types of printers is approximately as follows: first comes inkjet, then color, and after it the most expensive type, sublimation printer. Often, however, repairs and accessories for an inkjet printer are much more expensive than for a laser printer, which gives (in the long run) savings.

ATTENTION!A very important parameter is the capacity of the cartridge, that is, the number of documents that it will be able to print from the time of the full refill. The lower the cost of each individual printed document, the more advantageous the purchase of the device.

Laser or inkjet: which printer is better for home

If the question arises about the choice between inkjet or laser device, it is necessary to identify the main features and operational nuances of each type of printer.

The principle of operation of the inkjet device is simple: liquid ink in the form of droplets are transferred onto paper with symbols. Experts identify only three types of inkjet printing:

  1. Thermal jet. The ink heats up before getting onto the paper and absorbs it faster. As a result: the image or text is clearer, and photos printed in this way do not lose in resolution. Most of those who are thinking about buying a compact printer for printing various materials at home, stop their choice on thermal jet models.
  2. Piezoelectric. The principle of operation of such devices is based on the use of an electrostatic field, by which ink droplets seem to be attracted to the material. The size of such drops can be adjusted, which means that you can adjust the contrast and clarity of the resulting images.
  3. Bubble. In this case, the paint is transferred to the paper using microscopic air bubbles. The technology is available and simple, which causes a wide range of models on the market with this type of printing.

ATNIMANIA!Piezoelectric printers are great for professional printing, but their market value is quite high, so for small offices, working mainly with printed documentation, more suitable printers with a bubble or thermal jet type of printing.

As for laser devices, it is their models that often have the smallest dimensions. The principle of printing of such devices is based on the transfer of paint from the drum to the paper with its subsequent fixing under the influence of heat. Print quality in this case most often does not cause complaints, and in addition, such printers are quite easy to manage.

The best models of A4 compact laser printers

  1. HP LaserJet Pro P1102w. One of the truly compact laser-type devices can be rightfully considered this one, because its dimensions are only 35x19.6x23.8 centimeters. The small device also adds small dimensions to a rather high print speed, as well as the ability to control from a laptop or phone, which will save you from unnecessary wires.
  2. Brother HL-1112R.Excellent device with low cost (about $ 85). It supports a print resolution of 2400x600, and prints quite economically, although it has a smaller cartridge resource than the previous model.
  3. Canon Selphy CP910.Having paid about $ 115 for this model, the user gets a completely acceptable print quality device for A6 format. Suitable for printing only with special photo paper.

These are the features of choosing a compact size printer.



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