Why the knife should not be left on the table

Despite widespread skepticism, a large number of people still believe in superstition. And there is a good justification for this, because superstitions have appeared since ancient times, and it is to their ancestors that a person always has the greatest respect. One of the most common beliefs is when the knife is left on the table. As a rule, such actions have always been associated with something negative.

The knife can not be left on the table: signs

It would seem that most housewives almost every day leave kitchen appliances on the table, but everything is fine at home, only occasionally small family quarrels occur. But it is precisely these quarrels that can become the consequences of an uncleaned knife from the table.

The most common signs in this case are:

  • If you leave the knife on the table at night - there will be quarrels in the house;
  • If you forget in the morning - there will be sharp pains in the abdomen;
  • The brownie can be cut, because of which it will begin to take revenge on its offenders, instead of protecting them. At these moments, things can suddenly get lost at home, often something falls or breaks, and you can often hear unusual extraneous sounds at home;
  • The occurrence of insomnia or poor sleep;
  • A forgotten knife is a weapon for demons that can harm residents;
  • Possible health problems or disease;

What to do if the knife is forgotten at night on the table

If this situation happened, but the person suddenly remembered about it, you should not be afraid of it, you just need to immediately put the knife back in place. In addition, it is best to additionally appease the brownie and apologize to him, leaving the bread and salt in a calm, quiet place.

In the event that after a person forgot the knife at night and frequent quarrels began at home, or someone fell ill sharply, it is necessary to pray or visit a church. It would not be superfluous to bring holy water from there, and to spray the room with it.

Important! In order not to accidentally leave the knife, it is best to buy a special stand for it. In this case, its place will be much easier to remember, especially since it will look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Is it worth believing in signs

It is believed that this legend of a knife arose from ancient times, when people did not have castles and simply did not close their homes. It was dangerous to leave a sharp object on the table, because anyone could take it and attack the owner. That is why much attention was paid to ensure that the knife was always carefully cleaned.

Therefore, any signs have historical significance, which has transformed over time, and now it is before us in a different, more hidden form. However, to believe in superstition or not is everyone's choice. The more a person believes in them, the more likely it is to happen.

In any case, it is worthwhile to play it safe and put the knife back in place, because it does not require much effort and time. Moreover, the order in the kitchen is typical of any self-respecting housewife, moreover, it can also be additional security, because it is not known who can visit the house

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