Why not give a knife

We all love meeting friends, visiting friends, exchanging gifts and making surprises. But for most, the process of giving is far more pleasant and emotional than receiving a gift. When emotions, admiration and positive energy, coming from the bestowed, pleasant creeps run through the body and butterflies flit in the stomach. Choosing an unusual, for example, sharp gift, I want it to please the owner, and not be in the basket of unnecessary goods for further peredarivaniya, believe me, this process is very common.

Therefore, the choice of a present should be approached very seriously. It is advisable to take into account the interests, preferences and attitudes of the addressee, so as not to fall into a misfortune, giving such special items as knives.

Why you should not give a knife: signs

Who knows for sure why the knife fell out of favor and became covered with a lot of legends and beliefs? Yes, no one. This is a rhetorical question and for many centuries has not acquired a scientific and rational justification.

Assumptions weight. For the convenience of providing information, we divide the anti supporters of knives into two groups. The first are those who piously believe in the mystical purpose of this attribute, the second mock the first, but in fact with the same distrust relate to the piercing gift, explaining it with fear of beliefs and logical fear, passed from mouth to mouth.

Few things by the number of mystical overtones can compete with the gift of a knife. Here and fear of evil forces, which allegedly attract sharp objects and ritual purpose for witchcraft rites.

Proponents, who associate sharp accessories with war, are convinced that the evil spirit automatically infuses itself with knives and can be awakened in the hands of an evil person at any moment, causing harm and stirring up anger for further troubles.

And it is a completely absurd assumption that a gift can bring evil, not only to the donated, but also to the donor himself. Here you brought as a gift, from the heart, an exclusive cleaver model to a superstitious person. Naturally, it creeps in his thoughts that you decide to harm him. And, unintentionally, having begun to suspect you, in the most neglected form of superstition, may decide to avenge such a gift.

Despite the overwhelming majority of supporters of the mystical destination of a sharp souvenir, there are, though more logical, but still opponents of this, at first glance, ordinary subject.

The main reason they consider the danger of piercing objects. It is clear that the gift is given over, and if there is a reason, then the feast is meant by itself. Well, at a feast, like in a circus, sometimes the most unexpected attributes are used for performance, and knives are no exception. Plus, alcohol - the first friend of brawlers and bullying. And what if such a hot guest in a fit to grab the knife? That's right, the statistics is unshakable and most of the mass festivities end in accidents.

The second example. Beautifully packed surprise attracts the attention of children. And God forbid the child will get a knife and just unintentionally get hurt, or playing, injure a neighbor.

It seems that most of the fears are logical and have the right to life. But if you soberly weigh, accidents can happen for the most unforeseen reason, and children, because of their curiosity, often receive various injuries. And as for prejudice and superstition, one who does not notice them is invulnerable.

Therefore, if you were the owner of a valuable copyright tool, or a set of expensive kitchen knives, do not panic, and after thanking the owner enjoy sincere wishes and such a necessary thing.

The story of the gift of a knife from personal experience

I was presented with a familiar knife for my birthday. Of course, the knife is beautiful, apparently expensive. A few months later, we stopped communicating with a friend, and there was no visible reason for breaking off relations. I don’t even know whether to link it with a strange gift from him or not, but the fact remains.

I myself never gave such gifts to anyone. Not that I really believe in omens, but I still think it’s strange to give a knife.

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