How to replace a light bulb in the fridge: even a woman can handle it!

Almost every person in the kitchen has a refrigerator. It is indispensable for storing food. The principle of operation of refrigerators is quite simple. Even if you have purchased a "clever" technique, it is easy to manage. you only need to properly connect to the power source and set the necessary parameters of work (for the main part and the freezer compartment).

Indicator and indicator of good operation of the refrigerator is a light inside. It also makes it convenient to use the unit. But sometimes it temporarily turns off, blinks or burns out altogether. So it's time to replace this light source.

For troubleshooting, you need to understand exactly the reason for the lack of lighting. In our article we will share ways to diagnose and identify the causes of damage. In addition, we will tell how to eliminate the defect and return the lighting to the refrigerator.

Lamp suitability check

Do not rush to buy a new light bulb and replace it! This may not help if it is not caused by it, but by disruptions in electricity and equipment. To prevent errors perform thorough diagnostics and establish the type of the fault that occurred.

  • Check wiring in the House. Often problems arise from chafing or wiring.
  • Inspect the outlet and power supply. Problems may arise from poor connectivity. Plug other equipment into an outlet to test its operation.
  • Make sure that the electricity is supplied to the apartment as usual. Did the electricity in the whole house be turned off? Try turning on other electrical appliances. If they also do not work, then the reason is the absence of light.
  • Watch home appliance work. Usually refrigerators are turned off for a few minutes. This is a normal mode of operation. In the absence of light for more than 30 minutes, it can be assumed that the problem lies in the light bulb.

If after performing all the steps of the instructions the lamp does not light up and the refrigerator is still dark, then the problem lies in the light bulb itself. To eliminate the problem you need to make a complete replacement.

IMPORTANT! Some models have features of the lighting device. They appear at work. Check it with the sellers or on the website with information about the product.

How to replace a light bulb in domestic refrigerators

There are various types of equipment, we will analyze the order of replacement in each case. First, consider the Soviet equipment options.

The procedure for replacing the lamp is as follows.

  • In advance buy a light bulb of the same brandthat is installed in your fridge.
  • Turn off the fridge from the power supply, remove the power cord from the outlet.

TIP! If the work is delayed, it is better to remove all products and defrost the system. Remove all water from the chamber.

  • Disconnect protective covers, inside which is installed incandescent lamp. Disconnect the wiring suitable to the ceiling. If there is a tape, also remove it.

IMPORTANT! In some refrigerators, the slats are held by special clamps. Easy to remove. Pull loose ends to click, then remove the bar.

  • Thereafter unscrew the bulb from the cartridge and insert a new one. Then return the cover and all the wires to their original position.
  • Turn on the equipment in the outlet, ensure proper operation.

TIP! Replace carefully, in accordance with safety regulations. Parts may be very fragile, handle them carefully.

How to replace a light bulb in imported refrigerators

If you have an imported model at home, the action plan will be slightly different. These units have in their design interesting ceiling with a complex device.

For disassembly, you will need to perform the following manipulations.

  • Turn off the power, defrost the system and remove all products and unnecessary items that interfere with work.
  • Find a place to mount the lamp. On top of the transparent cover may not be visible when a large accumulation of ice.
  • The cover is fastened with three special clamps with clips. Use a minus screwdriver to pry one of the edges and lift it up. Then carefully detach the remaining holders.
  • Unscrew the bulb from the cartridge and replace it..
  • Now close everything in reverse order and turn on the power.

When properly replaced, the light should return.

This plan fits most imported products, for a detailed description read the instructions, check with the consultants for details.

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