What can be done from the old bath?

After completing the repair in the bathroom, the old bath is usually thrown away. But if you wake up your imagination and make little effort, then you can breathe a second life into an unnecessary thing and make an unusual art object for the dacha or for the home.

What to do from the old bath at the dacha?

From the old bath to give you can make a flower bed. For this product unscrew in a bright color on the outer surface. Acrylic paints are used, as they are sufficiently resistant to fading and exposure to the external environment. Bath can be painted in a single color or make any pattern.

If there is no desire to show off the old container, then it can be partially buried in the ground. A transition put pebbles imitating the alpine slide. It is important, before pouring earth into the bath, it is necessary to lay down a thick layer of drainage and drill small holes in the bottom so that the moisture does not accumulate and rot the roots of the plants.

An alpine slide will look very impressive if you use a round-shaped bathroom for it.

Another original solution will be a pond. To do this, plumbing products should prikopat and paste the inside with natural and artificial stones. Silicate should be used as an adhesive, as it is not exposed to moisture. A pond will look very aesthetically pleasing if the entire surface of the bathroom is plastered over with stones and metal is nowhere to be seen through.

REFERENCE! If you do not want to suffer with glue, then you can paint the inner surface in a dark color, prikopat to the depth flush with the ground and put a decorative stone on the edges.

You can also make a bench for the garden. To do this, it is enough to saw off either the entire upper side surface, or to make it partially. In order not to be cold to sit on a metal bench, you can lay out a horizontal surface with wooden beams.

How to make a grill from an old bath

Brazier is quite simple to perform.

Important! To realize this idea, it is better to take a bath of small size in length. Otherwise, the grill will turn out too large.

Further, in order for the product to function correctly, it is necessary to make collars that will provide the possibility of installing a pallet to accommodate the coal required during cooking. This side is welded somewhere in the middle of the height of the bathroom.

Then it will be necessary to weld the second side. It will provide the ability to install the grill grate.

For suburban area in the bath can be used as a furnace. In order to perform such a device, you will have to make a little effort. Cast iron bath must be cut strictly in half by measuring the size. On the end face, which is an oval in shape, it will be necessary to execute a metal door. Attach canopies for her. Then supply electricity or equip a place to lay a tree and perform a grid so that you can put containers with cooking products.

How to make a bed from an old bath

For the beds from the old bath you need to make very little effort. It is enough to install the product in the right place in the garden.

Reference! So that the earth does not roll under the action of water on one of the edges of the sanitary ware, you should set it strictly horizontally.

Drill evenly over the entire length of the bottom of the hole. They will provide drainage of excess moisture, which will allow plants to grow fully. Then pour a certain layer of drainage, then lay the ground.

Important! Do not pour the ground flush with the sides. Otherwise, then it will begin to pour over the edge.

If such a bed is planned to grow melon crops or those that require garters, then it is worth taking care of this in advance. To do this, one of the edges of the bath can be welded rods to the desired height. If you make them hooked, bent upward, then it will be as easy as possible to tie up any shrub or to provide support with a climbing plant.

How to make a decorative sofa

In order to make a sofa out of the bathroom, it is necessary to cut out the front long side surface. Paint the remainder of the appropriate color paint. In order for the paintwork to last as long as possible and to look aesthetically pleasing, it is necessary to apply a primer on the metal under it. The legs of the product can be decorated with stucco elements. And to ensure the comfort of the seat, sew special covers, which must necessarily have a thick layer of foam rubber. It will provide softness.

In addition to the sofa, from the bathroom you can make a sofa. To do this, you will have to cut out most of the side surface of the bathroom, leaving only one end side part with small bends. And make sure that the front bend was less in length. While the back bend will go about 1/3 the length of the sanitary ware.

Next, a sequence of actions similar to the formation of the sofa. That is, the chipping of the inner and outer surface, and the legs. Then tailoring covers or pillows that provide soft seating.

In addition, you can perform chairs. From one sanitary ware two chairs will turn out. For this, the bath is measured and divided in half. Why spend processing? Pre-cleaned, applied primer, then the selected paintwork. After that, the chair is sheathed with special covers or lined with pillows. If you do not want the product to stand on its feet, then you can put it on a wooden box. It will close the legs of the old plumbing and create a visually attractive pedestal.


Before working with old plumbing should be cleaned, degreased. This will help to better adhere to the coating that will be applied later.

Important! In order to keep the paint as long as possible and to look smooth, you must apply one or two coats of primer. And after each application, give it a good dry.

If you want to give a greater glossiness of the surface, then a special varnish should be applied over the paintwork. In addition, such a three-layer painting will provide resistance to aggressive environmental influences, if the furniture or product is in the open air.

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