DIY headphone bracelet

Unfortunately, it often happens that we purchase headphones for phones or other gadgets in the hope that they will last us quite a while, but they quickly fail. What to do in this situation? Just throwing them away is often a pity. You should consider how you can adapt this accessory after it has failed.

Is it possible to make a bracelet from headphones?

From spoiled or new headphones you can make a very attractive bracelet. All you need is a pair of headphones and some inspiration. Consider several options for this decoration.

Bracelet "Copper braid"

To make accessories, you will need to prepare:

  1. Headphones, non-working ones are quite suitable.
  2. Mount for future bracelet. You can buy it in a handicraft store. Outwardly, these are two tubes that are interconnected by a fastener.
  3. Soldering iron with a small tube diameter.

Making an accessory should be performed according to the following algorithm:

  • Remove the plastic sheath from the headphones; only copper wires should be left from it.
  • To begin with, do not remove the plug, you will need it as a wire fastener, it will not fall apart.
  • Start from the plug, divide the wires into three parts.

REFERENCE. The accessory will be neat and beautiful if all three strips are the same in thickness.

  • Just braid a regular pigtail.
  • You need to measure the circumference of your hand, thereby you determine the required length of the bracelet.
  • Divide the pigtail that you got by the required length of the bracelet.

REFERENCE. From ordinary headphones, usually 4 pigtails are added.

  • Carefully cut off the plug. At this point, you will need to use a soldering iron. Warm it well enough and by melting the edges of the braids, connect them into a single element along the edges. In the same way, attach the mount purchased in the store.

Your unique accessory is ready.

Bracelet "Nodules"

This is a very simple way to make accessories from old headphones. The manufacturing algorithm is as follows:

  1. For manufacturing, it is necessary to prepare the working material.
  2. Separate the wires from the plug.
  3. Do not forget to measure the girth of your wrist, this will immediately determine the necessary length of the accessory that you will weave with your own hands.
  4. On the measured length, make a mark on the wire, in this place, make a loop. Its size should be sufficient to thread the accessory speakers in the future.
  5. Now cross both wires together, so that loops form, one after the other. Tighten them.
  6. When the task of weaving the knots is completed, you can proceed to the final action. Fastening - Pass the speakers into the first loop.

As you can see, making such interesting accessories from seemingly useless things is very simple, even a child can cope with it. There are other patterns of weaving, but to begin with, we recommend that you try these. They are simple to perform and you will get an interesting result.

REFERENCE. The wire from the accessory can be hidden in a rubber braid or in a fabric braid, it is also interesting to fight.

Watch the video: Crafts with headphones - Ecobrisa DIY (February 2020).


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