How to choose a headphone for a computer

A computer is an integral part of the life of a modern person. Some people like to stay up late with him, watching their favorite movies, TV shows or playing, which can interfere with roommates. In this case, the importance of headphones is difficult to overestimate. In addition, when it comes to gamers, the presence of a microphone for modern online games is simply necessary, and this is taken into account in most models. To make the right choice of a headset for a computer that will not cause discomfort during prolonged use, some of its features and characteristics should be taken into account.

Types of headphones for a computer

There are several main types of headphones used when working with a computer. They are fundamentally different in their device and not all are suitable for long-term use. By design, four types of this equipment can be distinguished:

  1. The earbuds are the easiest to insert directly into the ear. Their main advantage is compactness, due to which they are mainly used for listening to music from players and phones. They are completely unsuitable for working at a computer.
  2. Intrachannel - in design almost do not differ from the previous ones. The plugs tightly cover the ear opening, blocking extraneous sounds and improving sound quality. But because of this feature, their prolonged use negatively affects the hearing. This type of headphone is not the best choice for a PC.
  3. Overhead - have a large membrane, which positively affects the sound quality. At the same time, such equipment is conveniently mounted and is lightweight, so it can be used with a phone or MP3 player.
  4. Monitor - the best choice for use with a computer. Completely cover the ear, to a greater extent preventing the penetration of extraneous noise. Large and powerful speakers provide high-quality sound compared to other types. In most cases, they are equipped with a microphone, which is necessary for modern online gaming and communication.

ATTENTION! The last two types are best for a computer. They are more convenient for these purposes and create less stress on the hearing organs.

What characteristics to look for when choosing headphones

Headphone design is far from the main parameter. In addition to it, there are several important characteristics that directly affect the sound quality and usability.


This parameter determines the maximum volume of the reproduced sound. The optimal value for monitor headphones is considered to be 100 dB. When buying, you should not choose equipment whose characteristics greatly exceed this value, otherwise the hearing may deteriorate. Sensitivity is determined by the material from which the magnets are made, neodymium is considered the best in this regard.

Sound distortion

The optimal coefficient of non-linear distortion is less than 2%. At low frequencies, the sound distortion is less noticeable than at high ones, therefore large indicators of this parameter are allowed here. Manufacturers of cheap accessories usually keep silent about this characteristic.


This feature directly affects sound quality. Resistance helps suppress electrical noise. The minimum allowable resistance (impedance) is 30 OM. If this value is lower, you should not expect high-quality sound from such headphones. A headset with a very high value (from 100 OM) also does not guarantee a good sound. If the resistance is very high, you should pay attention to the sound card. It is important here that it produces an audio signal that is quite powerful for the normal operation of such equipment.

Frequency range

The human ear hears sounds in the range from 16 Hz to 20 kHz. For lovers of high-quality music, it is desirable that the headset for the computer is as appropriate as possible. Otherwise, you will simply not hear some sounds in your favorite songs. If headphones are needed for computer games or watching movies, this feature should not be decisive when choosing.

Additional criteria

When buying new headphones, it is important to pay attention to some additional characteristics, on which the usability and durability of the equipment will depend. Among the most important:

  1. Connection method. Three connectors are provided for this: USB, Jack 6.2mm, Minijack 3.5mm. Pay attention that the plug matches the one on your PC, otherwise you will have to buy an adapter.
  2. The presence of a microphone. For communication and most online games it is necessary. It is convenient when the accessory is equipped with a microphone.
  3. Way of fastening. On-ear headphones feature a large number of mounts. Such a method as a clip is very convenient and reduces the weight of the accessory, which is very important for prolonged use.
  4. The presence of wire. Wireless is more convenient, but the signal transmission in this case is less quality. When buying a wired headset, pay attention to the thickness of the wire. His fractures are the most common cause of headphone damage.

ATTENTION! There are also accessories with sound positioning. As a rule, such models are expensive and it makes sense to buy them, only if you are an avid gamer.

General recommendations for choosing headphones for your computer

In addition to the main technical characteristics, it is important to consider some additional nuances. When choosing new headphones for your computer, do not forget about the following:

  1. Accessory weight. This option is very important for prolonged use. If you do not pay attention to weight, then after several hours spent in the headphones, the neck will hurt.
  2. The presence of a noise reduction system. In some cases, it is necessary, especially if you want to take the accessory with you to listen to music in public places.
  3. Full-size monitor headphones should only be selected if they will be used at home. The size and weight of such accessories will not allow you to conveniently use them in other places.
  4. Overhead clips with a clip attachment method are not suitable for people who wear glasses.

When buying new headphones for a computer, it is very difficult to remember and take into account all the possible parameters and nuances. The best advice in this case is to try out the accessory in the store after listening to a couple of musical compositions and make sure that the sound quality is pretty good. Also, do not forget about convenience, especially if you like to sit at a computer for a long time.

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