How to wipe paint from linoleum

There are times when you need to paint something indoors. And on the floor is linoleum. There is a risk of paint stains on the coating. Therefore, you have to look for a way to remove the emulsion.

How to remove paint from linoleum

Methods for removing paint from linoleum differ depending on the type of stains. They can be fresh and withered. If the former can be removed with a wet towel, household cleaning products or chemicals, the latter can only be removed with metal products.

Fresh footprints

Fresh spots may appear during the painting process. It is necessary to quickly get rid of them so that they do not soak into linoleum and do not dry out. It is also easy to wash spots that have remained due to stained shoes. Methods for removing stains depend on the type of coloring composition.

There are several ways to get rid of fresh spots:

  1. If the coloring matter is made on the basis of a water-based suspension, you can wipe the stain with a wet paper towel. This type of blot will simply be eliminated, because water is included in its composition.
  2. If the composition is oily, it will be more difficult to remove, since it is based on drying oils. If a small amount of paint gets on the surface, it can be removed with a wet towel, as in the previous method. Even large spots need to start to be removed with a napkin. Those places where linoleum has already begun to absorb, fill with lean oil. It will stop the absorption process and help the composition exfoliate from the coating. Wash the remaining suspension with detergent or detergent.
  3. If the nitro enamel appearance has hit the surface, special solvents cannot be dispensed with. Not all standard methods will help.

Excellent means for removal are alcohol and acetone. They are used as follows:

  1. We need to take a cotton swab.
  2. We apply the selected product to it.
  3. Wipe the place until the coloring matter is removed.
  4. The remnants of the product are removed with a wet rag.

Reference! In addition to the above methods, kerosene and a mixture of laundry soap with water and soda will help.

Dried stains

It’s much harder to wipe away dried spots. The coloring matter has already absorbed into the surface, and even if most of the emulsion is removed, there is a risk that the stain remains. There are 2 known methods for removing dried stains:

  1. If the film is small, use a scraper or wire brush. To begin with, we wet the rags in acetone and apply it to the speck. We are waiting for 10 minutes. Once the paint has peeled off, you can use a brush. Care should be taken, metal can damage the surface structure.
  2. If the composition has penetrated very deeply, the only way is to cut off the top layer of the painted linoleum. We need to take a sharp knife and carefully cut the stain without damaging the material itself. If possible, the defect will be invisible.

Important! If the material is too sensitive to chemistry, the amount of waiting time after applying acetone can be reduced from 10 to 2 minutes.

What you can not wipe paint stains from linoleum

Care must be taken with solvents. They can damage the linoleum structure if the material is cheap, and poorly resistant to chemical damage. Also pay attention to the concentration of the solvent. If the concentration of active substances is too high, defects can appear even on the most durable material. The same with any chemicals (acetone or alcohol).

One must also be careful with cleaning products. If you brush too hard, scratches will appear on the surface. Better to focus on vegetable oil or detergents.

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