DIY garage table

It is interesting that garage tables in our country are fundamentally different from European ones. Surprisingly, for example, in the German garage there is nothing but a broom. Especially different shelving. But our fellow citizens prefer to combine a garage with a locksmith and a car workshop. Therefore, a lot of additional tools, racks and the like appear in the garage.

The choice of materials and tools for creating a table in the garage

A legitimate question arises: when and where is it best to plan the placement of a table or workbench in a garage. The answer to this question can be said to be on the surface. Best when designing and building a garage.

Workbenches can be along the long side of the garage, along a standing car, and can in front of it. In order to correctly design everything, you need to answer yourself several questions that will ultimately determine the shape and appearance of the workbench.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is what kind of work will be done on the workbench. Its geometrical dimensions and ability to hold heavy parts will depend on this. It is also necessary to consider the need to supply electricity and compressed air to the workplace. Of great importance is the presence of drawers and shelves. All this will determine the configuration of the table.

As already mentioned above, the location of the table can be transverse or longitudinal. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. The transverse table, which is located in front of the hood of the car, is usually more protected from drafts, especially in the cold season, but with natural light this option is much more complicated. On the other hand, the longitudinal table has more space, but in order to conveniently work behind it, the car needs to be driven out of the garage.

Since metalwork is mainly performed on the table with metal, it should be quite strong. Usually it is made of a metal profile pipe or corner. The table top is best made of thick plywood, which is then best covered with plastic or painted.

ATit is important to remember!If work on the workbench with open fire, welding, or work resulting in sparks being produced, wood materials must be treated with special fire fighting means.

Tools should be in the order that would allow them to be quickly reached if necessary. This is especially true for various wrenches, screwdrivers, nozzles and the like. They should not clutter the table on the one hand, but on the other should be easily accessible without moving around the garage.

As for the drawing, in the beginning it is necessary to create a sketch of the workbench on which its main elements can be displayed. Then you can make an assembly drawing and detailing of the main nodes of the table. After that, a drawing of each part is created individually.

Of course, to create a drawing it is necessary to have basic design skills, but without drawings, it will be relatively difficult to assemble a table in the future.

Product assembly features

How to make a table in the garage with your own hands? The assembly features include welding. Since the product will be quite massive and will have to withstand large mechanical loads, welding work should be done with special care. If such skills are not available, it is best to ask a professional to complete this work.

After the table frame is assembled, you can proceed to fasten the countertops and manufacture drawers and hanging shelves.

Installation of a vice on a table

One of the main locksmith tools is a vice. This tool has to be used often enough.

Important!Securely fix the vise on the countertop. Without this, it would be impossible to carry out many locksmithing work in a quality manner. It is also worth paying attention to the mounting bolts with which the vise will be attached to the countertop.

What workshop will do without a grinder? Therefore, not far from the vise, it is advisable to attach and sharpen. This will help to sharpen knives, ax, shovel and other sharp tools for home. And also with the help of a sharpener, you can clean any surface.

Many workshops also include a drilling machine. Sometimes instead of it they make a frame for attaching a drill. Thus, in the workshop you can drill any part.

Compliance with safety during work

When mounting the table importantcomply with safety regulations. This is especially true for wiring. All wires must be of suitable cross-section and well protected by a metal hose.

A modern garage in our country is at the same time a repair shop, so you can’t do without a tool table in it.

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