Do-it-yourself bed from a profile pipe

The bed is the main element in the bedroom. The most popular are wooden products. Metal beds are not often chosen, since the choice of models is not very large and most of them involve the use of a metal mesh (sleeping on this bed is harmful to the spine). But you can independently make a comfortable metal bed. This will be much cheaper than custom-made furniture.

How to make a bed from a profile pipe

Unlike factory furniture, DIY assembly has many advantages:

  1. Manufacturing according to your own drawings allows you to make a bed of any size and shape, taking into account the interior of the room.
  2. The author's design allows you to make unique furniture, the analogues of which simply do not exist.
  3. The final cost, even with all costs, will come out much cheaper, in contrast to acquiring the same item in a store.
  4. The choice of high-quality materials and a careful approach to the assembly process significantly increase the reliability and durability of the finished furniture.

What does that require

Before you start assembling your product yourself, you need to get acquainted with different models. Identify your own capabilities and likely manufacturing difficulties. Many designs are simple and accessible even for beginners.

Attention! Then you need to draw up the steps of the action, prepare the tools. Determine the size and design of the base, taking into account personal preferences.

Preparatory stages:

  1. Create a drawing.
  2. Preparation of materials.
  3. Measurement of the size of the mattress, which is best to buy before assembling. So it can be compared with the product at the time of manufacture.
  4. To assemble a metal bed, welding is required.

Additional tools:

  • Bulgarian;
  • ruler;
  • electric drill;
  • natfel;
  • square;
  • sandpaper;
  • brush;
  • primer;
  • brush;
  • paint.

How to prepare a profile pipe

After creating the drawings, calculating the overall dimensions, acquiring the required materials, they begin preparations.

Pipes of the required size are cut (taking into account the drawing), they are processed, and additional holes are made. Cutting is done by a grinder, after which all sections are ground to smooth the surfaces.

The profile is degreased with acetone. This is required for further painting. Holes are necessary for fixing the pipes using self-tapping screws. Most often, welding and fastening with screws is combined.

Possible difficulties at work

Directly the process of making a bed is simple. You will need skills to work with a grinder and a welding machine. If these skills are not available, then you can pre-train on individual scraps, rehearsing cutting and welding.

Just a bed is a three-dimensional structure, its individual elements are not difficult to assemble, but connecting together sometimes creates certain problems. For example, the most difficult step in the manufacture of the frame is the welding of the last corner. Moreover, the three corners are already fixed, and the frame is quite heavy and voluminous.

It may also be difficult to color the bed. All sides of the product must look aesthetically pleasing. Why is it necessary or separately to paint each element of furniture, which takes a lot of time, and then dry all the parts and only then assemble. Or you can paint an already assembled structure, but in this case, protection of the lamellas from paint will be required.

Attention! Novice masters may encounter a lack of required parts, a lack of the necessary tools, and incorrectly calculated sizes of different elements of the bed. For example, if you cut a smaller pipe size than necessary, then the part is already damaged.

Do-it-yourself bed from a shaped pipe: step by step

When the metal is ready, you can begin assembling:

  1. First, a frame is made. This is a rectangular base, all elements of which are fixed with self-tapping screws and welding.
  2. After the legs are welded in the corners.
  3. Fasteners for lamellas are fixed on the top of the frame (it is best to buy fasteners in the store at the same time as lamellas, this will greatly facilitate the assembly process).

When the frame is assembled, it must be painted, and it does not matter whether there will be further decor using chipboard or whether the bed will remain in this form - metal protection from corrosion is necessary. Lamels are best fixed in place after painting.

The procedure for staining the metal is the same for any parts of structures:

  1. If the factory grease has not been removed before, it must be removed and the surfaces washed well.
  2. The washed and dried base is degreased.
  3. Then a primer is applied.
  4. When the soil dries, the bed can be painted. If you plan to decorate using chipboard, you can choose an inexpensive paint, but all exposed parts of the product must be painted with high-quality compositions. In addition to high quality, the paint is still obliged to be environmentally friendly, as in a dream people spend a lot of time and toxic substances negatively affect their health.
  5. Then you need to wait until the paint dries and insert into the grooves of the lamella.

A bed made of metal is aesthetically attractive and can perfectly fit into any bedroom. There are many photos of workshops that detail the assembly process. And if you have work experience and the required tools, the manufacturing process will not be very difficult. A self-assembled metal bed will last long and reliably.

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