How to assemble a computer chair

Buy office chair - half the battle. It also needs to be assembled. Typically, a set of furniture comes with assembly instructions. But in many models it is printed in a foreign language or translated so clumsily that it is difficult to understand the sequence of actions. With our help, you quickly assemble a chair yourself.

Design features of office and computer chairs

The complete set of a modern office chair includes:

  1. Seat with backrest. It can be connected, with or without armrests, or the backrest goes separately. In the second case, the kit additionally includes a mechanism that regulates the connection of the components of the seat.
  2. The supporting structure that holds the chair and allows you to move on it without getting up. It consists of rollers, a lifting mechanism (gas lift), a cross.

Before proceeding with the assembly, you need to see if everything is present in the package. Standard set:

  • wheels - their number depends on the model of the chair;
  • crosspiece with overlays;
  • lifting mechanism and casing;
  • seat, backrest (separately or monoblock) 2 armrests;
  • a set of bolts and other fasteners;
  • special key if fasteners are equipped with an internal hexagon hole.

Carefully inspect the details. They must be intact, without scuffs and scratches. If everything is so, you can proceed to the assembly process.

How to assemble a computer chair

Assembly will be easy and will not take much time, if you follow the procedure below.

Installing clips in the slots

  1. Find the cross. This is a part with blades. There can be four, six or eight, depending on the model of the chair.
  2. Lay on the floor or box with the beams up.
  3. Attach the roller to the beam and push until you hear a distinctive click signaling that the pin is in place.
  4. If you can’t insert the roller with your hands, use a rubber mallet. Tap them between the spheres of the roller (not on it yourself).
  5. Do this manipulation with the rest of the clips. If you adapt, the process will take no more than 3 minutes.

ATTENTION! It is better to lay the cross on the box, and not on the floor. Its surface is quite soft and allows you to press hard to fix the wheel in the groove. In addition, there is no risk of scratching the floor.

Seat preparation

The next step is to mount the adjusting mechanism on the seat. Regulation of the position of the backrest on the chair may be different. The most common mechanisms:

  • spring-screw or Freestyle - an elastic spring under the seat allows you to constantly swing the back, adjusting the force of deviation;
  • piastra is the simplest option, which works only up and down; it is used in conjunction with the Freestyle mechanism;
  • top-gan - allows you to swing, like on a rocking chair, so as not to tip over inadvertently, choose a mechanism with a latch and a swing axis, shifted closer to the edge;
  • synchronizing mechanism - adjusts the inclination and fixation of the back, the height of the back and the depth of the seat, very reliable and durable, allowing you to fine-tune the workplace.

Attach the mechanism to the seat, securing everything with bolts.

IMPORTANT! During assembly, make sure that the screws are equipped with flat and lock washers. The first provides tight mounting parts. The second prevents the nut from loosening.

Insert the armrests:

  • turn the seat over and find the place where they are attached;
  • decide which side to insert it correctly;
  • insert, fasten screws and fasten - usually the armrests are mounted with three screws.

REFERENCE! There are models in which the armrests are mounted on the metal frame of the seat using brackets.

If the seat is not monolithic, and the back is separate, it must be screwed on:

  • carefully install the backrest in the seat;
  • fasten a large fixing bolt;
  • put the back on the corner and fasten with a bolt.

Installation of gas lift in the crosspiece

  • put the cross with the wheels down on the floor;
  • install a lifting mechanism in its center;
  • put a casing on top - it is usually assembled from several parts according to the principle of a telescopic pipe;
  • pay attention to whether there is a protective cap on the lifting mechanism, if any, it must be removed - without doing this, you will not be able to lower or raise the chair during operation.

The connection of the parts of the chair

  • install the upper part of the chair on the rod of the lifting mechanism;
  • push it down or sit down to ensure a firm fit.

Final stage

The last thing to do is to check the operability of the mechanism. To do this, sit on a chair, pull the lever located under the seat, try to lower or rise.

If the mechanism is working, then the furniture assembly was successful. You can safely sit down and work.

Watch the video: Office Chair Assembly 048-GM-48102 (February 2020).


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