How to use an unnecessary playpen

The century at the playpen is short-lived. Use it until the child reaches a year and a half age. After that, the design ceases to cope with its main function - safety. And the question arises before parents: what to do with it? Of course, an unnecessary playpen can be sold, donated or put away on the balcony, or you can radically change its life.

How to use an unnecessary playpen

In fact, there are not so few ideas that allow you to use this item for its intended purpose. Quite easy make a comfortable table, and for this the playpen does not even have to be redone. It is enough to remove one wall, screw on a decorative countertop and you're done.

It is convenient to put toys into it, which the child scatters throughout the apartment, making this process fascinating and interesting. Or to build a house for games on wheels from the arena, with windows, door and roof.

Take a little effort and create fantastic underwater ship, with a transparent organza instead of windows, which depicts the inhabitants of the underwater world.

In the country from the unclaimed arena will excellent portable aviary for raising chickens. No need to stretch the grid and think about warming, everything is ready. Moreover, it is easy to carry.

What can be done from an unnecessary playpen

Now we’ll take a closer look at how to implement these ideas and what it will take.

How to make a house from the arena

The first thing to do is to free the playpen from the net. Further, a framework is made of propylene tubes. To connect the pipes use a special soldering iron or heat them on a gas stove. Sheathe the resulting workpiece with synthetic winterizer and bright knitwear, not forgetting to sew in 20 cm of elastic for attaching to the arena.

In the manufacture of windows using a template of cardboard, which is fitted with a cloth. Frames can be made of light felt. In order for platbands to stand out against the general background, it is best to use a darker fabric than the main color, and a layer of padding polyester will add volume to them. Put a flower pot on the window or plant a cat, naturally in the form of applications.

A zipper can be sewn into the door and decorated with a decorative cord. A bright blanket is suitable for the roof.

How to make a dryer from the arena

To make a functional and practical clothes dryer, first of all, you need to remove all unnecessary, leaving only the metal frame. It is best to use an open flame heat treatment method. Thus, old paint, glaze and rust are easily disposed of. After that, the workpiece is cleaned from soot and painted with an aerosol.

To fasten the rope, several new ones are added to the already prepared holes from the net.

So that under the weight of the clothes, the rope does not stretch, and friction on the edges of the holes does not lead to its rupture, you need to smooth them or provide insulating elements. For these purposes, trimming plastic tubes is suitable.

When everything is ready, proceed to pulling the rope.

How to make a dry pool

It is easy to make a dry pool for an older kid from the playpen. In this case, the bottom is covered with a soft rug or blanket, and the space is half filled with soft balls of plastic. Balls can be light blue in color and resemble the sea, or multi-colored, like candies. A step ladder, mounted on the outside, will allow the baby to jump into the pool "from the tower."

How to make an underwater ship.

Another option is an underwater ship. For him, you need to sew a cover, remove one wall and fix the structure using the crossbars of the required length. If you want to return the design to its previous state it will not be difficult.

How to doeducational toy.

A submarine can be made as a developmental toy. For this, the walls of the cover are sheathed with removable shells, corals, algae, pockets, beads so that the child can remove, examine, touch and return to the place. For ventilation, make holes in the roof, similar to fish. It will be a lot of fun if the fingers stuck through them are caught by someone outside.

Do it yourself with crabs, sea turtles, jellyfish. It is not difficult if you know how to crochet. For decoration use buttons and beads.

When all the depths of the sea are explored, and their inhabitants are studied, you can play hide and seek.

Take your time to get rid of unnecessary things when the child has grown up, think that you can make a useful and interesting application for your loved ones and at home.

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