How to clean the filter from a vacuum cleaner

The cleaning methods depend on the type of filter element installed in your vacuum cleaner. It is strictly forbidden to dip some filters into water; others, on the contrary, are more efficient than simply washing them under running water. So what filters exist, and what cleaning methods are suitable for each of them?

Types of filters

Most modern appliances have a triple cleaning system:

  • the first filter collects large particles of dust and other garbage (grains of sand, animal hair, etc.);
  • the second - for the engine compartment, it protects the engine from dust;
  • the third is a nera-filter that traps dust microparticles with a size of 0.3 microns or less.

IMPORTANT! Filters not only collect garbage, but also protect the engine from dust. Therefore, cleaning them is a prerequisite for operating a vacuum cleaner.

Filter elements are of the following types:

  • Bag. In turn, they are disposable paper. After each cleaning, such a bag is removed from the vacuum cleaner and discarded, and then a new one is inserted. And also the bags can be fabric, such are suitable for reusable use, which can be washed.
  • Aqua filters. Their principle of operation is based on exposure to water, while dust settles on the bottom of the container, which can be cleaned after a while.
  • Rough cleaning. In this embodiment, all the dirt goes directly to a special container, separate filtering is not provided. Such vacuum cleaners must be cleaned every time. But they have one plus, they are much cheaper than their counterparts.
  • Fine cleaning. These filters include microfilters, electrostatic filters and Nera filters. Even the smallest particles of dust are held up, preventing it from getting out with the air blown out by the vacuum cleaner. In practice, they have proven themselves quite effective. High-quality air filtering devices allow you to clean the room not only from debris, but also from pollen, which is dangerous for allergy sufferers.
  • Cyclone. The principle of cleaning with these filtering elements is as follows: large dust particles are attracted to the walls of the filter due to centrifugal force, then settling in special collections.

How to get a filter

For the proper functioning of the household appliance for many years, and so that it, like a new one, effectively removes dust and debris, make yourself a habit of cleaning all the elements after cleaning.

Analysis and cleaning of the vacuum cleaner is carried out in several stages:

  1. The device must be disconnected from the network, wipe the cord and remove it inside the case using the automatic winding option, or twist and fasten with an elastic band.
  2. The vacuum cleaner is recommended to be placed, if possible, on a balcony or in the open air.
  3. The brush and hose should be disconnected and cleaned.
  4. It is necessary to open the case of the device and get a container designed to collect large debris and dust.
  5. Remove all available filters. To clean up according to their type, this will be discussed in the following sections of the article.
  6. After cleaning, washing and drying the filters and other elements, all parts must be installed back, and take the device to a place intended for its storage.

TIP! Although cleaning a vacuum cleaner, including its filters, is not the most pleasant thing, but it takes a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Make it a habit to clean filter and other items after each cleaning.

In a bagless vacuum cleaner, as a rule, frequent filter changes are required. But they work better and emit less dust into the air.

Filter cleaning methods

In order for the vacuum cleaner to last for a long time and the cleaning process does not take much time, the following rules should be observed:

  1. It is recommended to clean it after each cleaning, even if the size of the dust collector is designed for a large amount of dust. First of all, this will extend the life of all parts of the device. In addition, the quality of cleaning will be much higher. The third and, perhaps, the main plus is that the air blown out by the vacuum cleaner will be cleaner again.
  2. It is forbidden to clean construction waste with a vacuum cleaner, there are special devices for this, and a household vacuum cleaner can be permanently damaged.
  3. Make sure that no foreign objects, especially sharp ones, accidentally get into the vacuum cleaner. It can also lead to breakdown of individual parts or the vacuum cleaner as a whole.

IMPORTANT! To improve the retraction force, the filter elements must be cleaned. This will increase dust absorption from 80% to 100%.

Cleaning the filter, as mentioned earlier, depends on its type. The reusable bag should be thoroughly shaken out several times, it is advisable to do this in the open air so that you do not breathe dust yourself. Further, the bag can be washed manually using soap or in a washing machine. After washing, it should be thoroughly dried, it cannot be inserted wet into the vacuum cleaner, since mold can form during storage and it will be permanently damaged. If the bag is disposable, you should simply throw it away.

Vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter require thorough cleaning. In their design there is both a container and a nera filter. Cleaning is performed as follows: the container is washed under running water and dried.

The nera filter is first flushed with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer, and then washed with water without using detergents. Non-reusable filters, even reusable ones, require periodic replacement with new ones.

The cyclone mechanism must be completely disassembled, cleaned and washed all the elements, then it is good to dry them properly.

Can I clean the filter from a vacuum cleaner?

And so from the foregoing, we can draw the following conclusions. Only reusable filters made of fabric or polymeric materials can be washed.

Filters made of paper are usually disposable. But even if the manufacturer allows reusable use, it is strictly forbidden to wet them. To clean them using methods of knocking out, shaking or blowing.

After cleaning the filter, the vacuum cleaner starts to work like new. It is better to do the cleaning as often as possible. This will contribute to a longer life of the device, and you will not have to breathe dust during its operation.

Watch the video: How to Change and Clean Filters for H-2665 Vacuum (February 2020).


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