What is better for a sofa chenille or velor

It is necessary to choose the upholstery for the sofa based on the features of its operation, the presence of animals, small children in the house. The appearance of chenille and velor is equally attractive, the softness of the materials, the difference is small.

Chenille for the sofa: advantages and disadvantages

High-strength fabric imitating twisted pile. It is made from natural and artificial fibers. For sofas, dense chenille is available in a variety of colors. The material can be fully synthetic or with the addition of viscose yarns. Additional strength is given by the interweaving of acrylic fibers.

Chenille benefits:

  • High wear resistance.
  • Environmentally friendly due to the presence of natural fibers.
  • No spools are formed.
  • Softness due to raised pile.
  • Keeps warm.
  • Do not wipe with time.
  • Do not crumple.
  • Does not absorb odors.
  • It gives cosiness to the room.

Chenille disadvantages:

  • Non-water resistant material - stubborn stains form.
  • Burns out from constant sunlight.
  • The fabric is unstable to the claws of pets.
  • Puffs from metal parts of clothing may form.

Reference! Stains can only be removed with a special stain remover for upholstery fabrics. Aqueous solutions with detergents cannot be used.

Pros and cons of velor for the sofa

Velor fabric resembles velvet. For upholstery is made on an adhesive basis. The composition of the canvas is 50% polyester, 21% natural cotton and 29% viscose. There are options for velor with a cotton base and synthetic top, this material has high wear resistance. Teflon-coated becomes resistant to claws. The color scheme is varied. The texture can be smooth or embossed.

Pluses of velor:

  • softness and smoothness;
  • does not fade;
  • hypoallergenic material;
  • durability;
  • it is easily cleared of pollution;
  • the fabric does not stretch.

Cons of velor:

  • forms creases;
  • the material is resistant to damage only with special impregnation.
  • abrasion resistance is average;
  • Does not tolerate chemicals for cleaning.

Reference! Fresh spots are well cleaned with soapy water, traces of felt-tip pens, lipsticks, ballpoint pens can be removed with a 10 percent alcohol solution.

What is better for a sofa chenille or velor

What material is best suited for the sofa can be determined based on the purpose of the furniture:

  1. The sofa in the living room requires a durable and damage-resistant upholstery. It is operated intensively and may be accidentally damaged (spots, puffs, scratches). Velor is better, in the presence of animals - a material with Teflon coating. If there are no animals in the house, small children and the owners are calm respectable people - chenille will be an ideal upholstery.
  2. Sofa for rest (in the bedroom or study). Furniture is not exposed to intense impact, and chenille and velor are suitable for it.
  3. Sofa for a children's room. The best choice would be velor because of its environmental friendliness and the ability to quickly clean.
  4. For a kitchen sofa, it is better not to choose such fabrics. A high risk of water and fat getting into these tissues quickly makes them unusable.

Important! Having pets immediately eliminates the choice of chenille.

The choice of upholstery fabric can also be made according to the characteristics of strength and the presence of special impregnation.

Strength shows the Martindale test, equal to the number of cycles of abrasion (mechanical impact on the fabric). On average, a fabric with an indicator of 20,000 cycles is considered durable. Fully synthetic velor has an indicator of 50,000 cycles, material with the addition of natural fibers is less wear-resistant (chenille with viscose has an indicator of 10,000).

For the living room, it is better to choose synthetic velor or chenille. The presence of natural fibers gives the fabric sophistication, but reduces strength. Teflon impregnation for chenille is not used. It gives special strength only to velor.

According to all the above characteristics, velor upholstery is more durable and easy to care for. Suitable for a sofa that will be operated intensively. Chenille - the fabric is more delicate and presentable, people who lead a quiet lifestyle can choose it.

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