Why do I need a diffuser in a hairdryer

The hair dryer diffuser is a special nozzle that is designed for fast and beautiful hair styling. The main thing is to learn how to use it correctly, because the use of this accessory requires some skill. A few simple secrets to styling with a diffuser will help create a luxurious hairstyle.

Why do I need a nozzle with a diffuser in a hairdryer

The diffuser is quite versatile. With it, you can straighten your hair, and vice versa curl them, and creating volume is the most popular function of this nozzle for a hairdryer. There are several types of diffusers:

  1. The usual round nozzle, which has several blunt protrusions - spikes, it distributes hot air from the hair dryer evenly, allowing you to accelerate the drying of curls.
  2. Longer spikes with nozzles on them direct a warm stream directly to the roots of the hair, lifting them and making the hair volumetric.
  3. Short and small protrusions allow you to curl strands without tangling them.
  4. Especially for long-haired beauties, diffusers with silicone fingers are made, which carefully spread the curls, not allowing them to stray to shreds.
  5. A special nozzle with a recess in the center and uneven spikes is designed for thin and weak hair.

When choosing a nozzle, you should pay attention to models with holes directly in the spikes, because they direct hot air exclusively to the hair and avoid overheating or even scalp burns. Special silicone protrusions on the one hand reduce hair tangling, and on the other hand, their plasticity can delay the styling process and ruin the result. Therefore, for each type of hair and even for different hairstyles, it is advisable to choose a suitable diffuser.

How to use a diffuser in a hairdryer

This unit has a number of significant advantages compared to a conventional hairdryer:

  1. A large area of ​​the nozzle distributes the flow to a large pile of hair, which gives high efficiency of the hair dryer. Laying will not take much time with such an assistant.
  2. The diffuser is universal - you can achieve the effect of wet hair, curl curls or completely straighten the hair. In addition, it practically does not require additional tools.
  3. It is easy to create extra volume with this hair dryer modification.
  1. When drying with a diffuser, its protrusions massage the scalp, stimulating the flow of blood, which nourishes the hair follicles, making them thicker and stronger.

Before drying, it is worthwhile to prepare several auxiliary agents. Foam or other styling product will make the curls obedient and fix the result of your labors. For additional fastening at the end, you can use varnish, which will leave a slight elasticity, without gluing curls. In the process, part of the hair will need to be removed to the side, so one or more clips in the form of a crab will come in handy. If you comb your hair while washing with your fingers, then an additional tool is not required. However, walking through the hair with a comb with rare teeth still does not hurt.

To create a volume

When drying the hair, it is always nice to slightly raise them from the roots. You can create volume using a diffuser like this:

  • wash hair thoroughly and pat it with a towel;
  • apply foam, evenly distributing it, special attention should be paid to the roots;
  • we divide the mop with a horizontal parting and fix the front part with a clip;
  • we dry the strands with a hairdryer, starting from the back of the head;
  • we bring the diffuser to the hair from below so that the protrusions are pressed against the head, and the curls are gathered inside the nozzle;
  • You can make small circular movements during drying to achieve a slight waviness;
  • after the nape we proceed to the crown and sides;
  • raise the strands with your free hand so that they do not pull the roots down;
  • as an option, you can tilt your head to the side that you stack;
  • for drying the uppermost curls, you can even lower your head down so that the severity of wet curls works to create volume;
  • you need to ensure that wet strands do not destroy the already created volume of dried hair;
  • at the end we go through the hair dryer again along the entire head with the cold blow function turned on, acting from the nape to the crown;
  • we fix everything with a varnish with a low or medium degree of fixation in order to maintain the elasticity of the hairstyle.

ATTENTION!In order not to damage the curls, you should use products with the effect of thermal protection. Frequent drying with hot air makes the hair thin and brittle, careful care with oils and sprays after washing maintains the health of curls.

For curling hair

If you have light curls from nature, then a hairdryer nozzle will help strengthen the natural curls and fix them. The effect of wet hair will look good, use the appropriate tool to create it.

Curl hair with a diffuser:

  • wash, dry with a towel, apply foam evenly;
  • tilt the head to the side and collect the hanging strands into the nozzle, bringing the hair dryer as close to the head as possible so that the spikes touch the skin;
  • we make smooth rotational movements, twisting curls on the ledges;
  • we process the whole head in this way, you can finish the installation by applying a fixing agent.
ATTENTION!It is not necessary to take up a hairdryer immediately after a shower. You can wait a bit, allowing the mop to dry slightly. So you spend less time laying and reduce the impact of hot air on the curls.

For hair straightening

The diffuser is a much more gentle straightening method than an effective, but ruthless iron to the hair. Layout Sequence:

  • distribute the foam along the entire length;
  • comb with a comb with rare teeth and make a direct parting;
  • by the diffuser spikes, by the way, it is desirable that they are more authentic, we make combing movements from roots to ends, bending them inward;
  • after laying we carry out easy fixation with the help of varnish.

IMPORTANT! Of course, the diffuser has its advantages, but styling remains not a very useful procedure. Constant exposure to hot air harms curls. So you need to use a hairdryer in moderation if you want to maintain the beauty and health of your hair.

A hairdryer with a diffuser opens up scope for imagination. Find the perfect styling technique and experiment with new hairstyles.

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