Which water filter is better

In today's market, there are several types of water filters for home use. To select the appropriate option, you need to familiarize yourself with the mechanism of work, the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Types of filters

There are varieties of such filters. Which filter to buy depends on many parameters. Filters for hard liquids exist. You can also choose to give, house or apartment.


A filter jug ​​is the most common and simplest filter that purifies water from many impurities. It consists of a jug and a volumetric lid, which is filled with water. It contains a replaceable cartridge for cleaning liquids. After passing through several cleaning layers, the water is filtered and gets into the jug. Of the advantages, we can distinguish affordable cost, compactness and ease of use; the disadvantages are small volume, slow filtering, average cleaning quality and the need for frequent cartridge changes. The filter jug ​​can purify water mechanically, chemically, in rare cases, by a biological method of purification.

Inside the cartridge may be:

  • activated carbon - removes almost all harmful impurities;
  • shungite - removes water from Cl with its residues;
  • zeolite - removes ammonia and other harmful organics;
  • anti-bacterial additives (mainly based on Ag ions) - stops the growth and spread of bacteria.
  • Dispensers-purifiers - water passes through the filtration system into a container below it. It differs from a jug in a large volume and a creamy tap.


These include the following filters:

  1. The nozzle on the tap is a simple and inexpensive option, worn directly on the tap of the water supply. It predominantly separates water from Fe and neutralizes Cl with its residues.
  2. Systems near the sink - capable of thorough cleaning and high performance. Disadvantages: inconvenience in use (it is necessary to connect and turn off the hose along which water rises) and the large size for ordinary kitchens.
  3. Under-sink systems are multi-stage filtration systems that disinfect and make the liquid softer. For it, you need free space under the sink and for the tap to exit, it is connected to the water pipes and the mixer. Filters contain a set of modules and carry out filtering in several stages, while preserving useful elements and removing harmful ones. First of all, water undergoes mechanical filtration, in which the largest inclusions are separated. After sorption and softening occurs, iron is removed. It features deep cleaning and large resources, of the minuses - the lack of mobility and overpriced.
  4. Reverse osmosis systems - filtration occurs due to membranes that trap microorganisms and harmful substances. They have a degree of purification of up to 99%, durable and easy to use (the system is installed under the sink, and the faucet is removed to the sink). The high cost is justified by a rare replacement of consumables.
  5. Prefilters - are located in the water supply system, it is possible to install for one tap or several.

Which water filter is better

To date, there are a variety of filtering methods. You can choose a separate device or an entire system that provides safe water treatment. To make the right decision, first you need to learn about the main characteristics and features of water treatment equipment:

  • safety of the material used in the manufacture of the filter. It should not have an extraneous "chemical" smell;
  • the degree of purification the filter is capable of;
  • system strength and reliability;
  • ability to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria and other substances.

Important! You should not save on buying a filter, since cheap equipment will not give the desired degree of purification, but rather can "enrich" the water with extraneous elements.

Water Filter Selection Criteria

To decide on the right filter for the home, you need to consider several significant criteria:

  1. The number of filter layers - the more they are, the better the cleaning will occur;
  2. Performance. On average, 2 to 3 liters of water are consumed per person per day. Therefore, taking into account the people living in the family, you can calculate the monthly fluid intake. Based on these data and the performance of each of the models, you should choose the best option for you. Filter performance: a jug 200-300 l; in sorption flow 4000-8000 l; reverse osmosis system 3000-6000 l; the filter system "under the sink" 8000 liters.
  3. Features of filtering. It is important to determine the quality before filtration, this can be done by giving water for a special examination. You will find out the necessary indicators: pH, transparency, radiation level, hardness, amount of harmful elements and many others. With a high level of rigidity and organics, it is worth thinking about reverse osmosis systems.
  4. Confirmation of the required level of cleaning (certification and acceptable standards). This can be found in the technical passport of the filtration system.
  5. Price. Filter prices range from 500-1000 rubles for filter jugs and nozzles for a crane to 12-13 thousand. This is due to the quality of the material and production technology.
  6. Free place. The most compact filter jug ​​and nozzle on the crane. Most of the space in your kitchen will be occupied by the “under and above the sink” systems.
  7. Difficulty in installation and use. Some of the options require installation by specialist craftsmen and professional service. Cartridges must be replaced regularly, flushed and membranes replaced, valves and other parts cleaned.

Top 10 Best Water Filters

Rating of the best filters for 2018. Manufacturers justify the characteristics of their products, so many prefer these filters.

Atoll A-550 STD

High quality production stands out: a stable and safe body with stiffeners that betray the reliability of the structure. To begin with, the water through the cartridge is cleaned immediately upon receipt. Further, the liquid meets the coal segment, water flows into it after the distributor that controls the flow of liquid. At the last stage, a special cartridge eliminates residues of harmful impurities.


  • high degree of purification;
  • compactness;
  • durability;
  • complete with a container for water content.


  • price;
  • difficult to find;
  • slow filtration rate.

Geyser ECO 2 in 1

The main advantage of this filter is ultrafiltration. It has a five-stage cleaning system, after which water is freed from harmful elements and bacteria, softens, smell and unpleasant taste sensations go away. It reduces the concentration of Fe, hardness and eliminates Cl, while at the same time it passes minerals useful for humans.


  • just connects;
  • steady design;
  • purification takes place in several stages;
  • safe materials used.


  • high price;
  • slow speed
  • not suitable for hot water;
  • it is difficult to find cartridges for a change.

Eco geyser

It is considered the most efficient filter (3.6 l / min). When cleaning, Fe, salts and other unnecessary elements are removed. It provides mechanical and sorption cleaning; safe and reliable materials are used in the production. It takes up quite a bit of space and is connected to the water supply. It is possible to install by yourself.


  • compactness;
  • excellent purification of water;
  • high performance;
  • high-quality materials;
  • simple installation.


  • high price.

Barrier EXPERT Hard

The main advantage is high-quality and reliable cleaning, consisting of three stages. You must install an additional tap provided with the purchase. The EXPERT Hard Barrier has a fairly fast performance (2 l / min). Resource potential equals 10 thousand liters.


  • high degree of purification and softening;
  • will last a long time;
  • high quality material;
  • the price is lower in relation to other similar models.


  • declared resource potential does not match the actual;
  • unreliable ball valve.

Aquaphor Crystal H

Contains a three-stage cleaning system. It is installed quite simply under the sink and attached to the water supply. It has a fairly fast performance (2 l / min) and a resource potential of 6000 liters.


  • easy to install and use;
  • 3-stage cleaning;
  • high performance.


  • only cold water can be used;
  • high price.

Geyser 1UZH Euro

It purifies water mainly from Cl and neutralizes odor by mechanical cleaning, sorption and ion exchange. Productivity is estimated at 1.5 l / min, and the resource potential of 700 liters.


  • four-step cleansing;
  • reasonable cost;
  • compactness;
  • additionally softens water.


  • Only cold water may be used.

Barrier Comfort

Specially designed for shower room, cleans water and unpleasant unpleasant odor. It is necessary for people with hypersensitive skin, suitable for the skin of a child. It simply attaches to the faucet at the shower hose.


  • speed - liter in 6 seconds;
  • simple installation;
  • affordable price;
  • suitable for hot water;
  • high quality materials.


  • the price of the replacement unit is too high;
  • reduces pressure in the soul.

Brita Marella XL

A German-made filter removes water from dangerous impurities and salts that create scale. Average speed 3.5 l / min. Filtration resource 150 l.


  • convenient calendar for tracking;
  • additional 3 cartridges;
  • large volume;
  • speed of cleansing.


  • unjustified value;
  • limited size of the purification module.

Barrier Grand

The filter jug, the active substance is activated carbon, does not allow all harmful and extraneous additives. In the manufacture of durable plastic was used. Can clean up to 350 liters of fluid.


  • convenient calendar for tracking changes;
  • easy to operate;
  • Great price
  • compactness.


  • cannot be used for hot water;
  • filtration rate.

Aquaphor Ultra

Perfectly releases water from Cl and its residues, unnecessary trace elements and impurities. The volume of the jug is 3 liters. Resource potential is estimated to 300 liters.


  • varied color palette;
  • there is a counter;
  • acceptable price;
  • high enough speed;
  • filters do not require frequent changes.


  • only for cold water;
  • the volume is only 3 liters.

It should be noted that most filtering devices are similar in their functions and device, just cleaning some more focused on mechanical impurities, and others - Cl compounds.

Help: before buying, analyze the composition of the water and decide on the purpose of installing the filter.

For people with sensitive skin or children, you should think about prefilters and nozzles on the tap.

To get clean water in a family of several people and on a limited budget, a filter jug ​​is suitable.

The most optimal choice for liquid purification are complex and multistage purification systems.

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