Types of gas boilers

Since ancient times, mankind has used fire to cook food, warm and dry clothes, and even for defense and attack, as a weapon. He had long been a friend rather than an enemy. An enemy can only be inattentive to him. And this can lead to sad consequences.

The first raw material in the production of heat used solid fuel, such as firewood, coal, etc. The development of the technology made it possible to start using electricity, oil products, solar energy, and natural gas for this.Gas boilers are currently very popular. Such equipment is an autonomous source. An indisputable advantage is manifested in the installation of a system for producing hot water and heat in apartments and houses, in gasified areas.Compared to its counterparts, gas heating systems are among the most affordable and economical. Today, in our country, natural gas remains the most inexpensive resource.

The generation of heat for heating running water or a closed loop of the heating system occurs due to heating when gas is burned in the combustion chamber of the boiler.

The market offers a wide variety of models and types of gas equipment designed for residential apartments or houses.

Location classification

The gas boiler is a modern automated device. Developing gas technology, it was possible to equip it not only with a modern gas-heating device, but also with reliable automation. For use in residential apartments and houses, various types of gas boilers are offered: floor-mounted and wall-mounted.

Wall mounted gas boilers

Compact mini-boiler rooms equipped with all the elements. Fully fit elements in one wall-mounted unit. In the composition of:

  • heating element;
  • heat exchange unit;
  • burner;
  • expansion tank;
  • automation.

Very convenient execution, especially for apartment options and small houses. Its compact placement is convenient in small rooms and special places reserved for this.

Floor mounted gas boiler

Floor-standing boilers are not limited in size and weight, as with wall mounting, so manufacturers produce these models with more power. The heating boiler system resembles a small boiler room. Its component parts sometimes occupy a small room. The composition includes:

  • boiler;
  • circulation pump;
  • tank for maintaining working pressure in the pipe system;
  • device for ensuring safe operation of the water heater.

All these parts take up space and are located nearby, but with the wiring of the connecting pipes, a rather voluminous system is obtained. For accommodation, which will need to allocate or plan the useful area of ​​the house. Sometimes it is impossible to do this, this becomes the reason for the use of combined heating devices, for example, gas and, in addition, an electric water heater.

REFERENCE. A good advantage of the bulky parts of the gas boiler system can be considered an increase in power by connecting additional inflatable burners. Using this element allows you to achieve power of more than several thousand kilowatts.

Functionality Difference

Gas-heating equipment is divided according to functional work into single-circuit and double-circuit.


A feature of the single-circuit heating system is that it is designed only to provide heating in the building. Hot water is not heated, if there is a need for it, an additional boiler is connected.


The dual-circuit system differs from the previous one in that it immediately takes into account the heating of hot water. Note that the cost of picking a single-circuit system with an additional unit is higher than a dual-circuit one.

Some features of the equipment

A large number of connections of consumer points leads to a decrease in the quality of heating. This can be compensated by installing additional equipment. Although financially, this is a rather costly undertaking.

REFERENCE. The distance to the places of supplying hot water to consumers and the size of the area of ​​the heated room greatly affects the proper operation of the equipment.

Summing up, we can safely say that all types and types of heating boilers have their own purpose. The best and the worst cannot be distinguished. All of them are crammed with good reliable automation. They work smoothly and perfectly perform their task. In each case, its own set of gas heating equipment is used. Each buyer will find his own set of equipment necessary for his use and placement.

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