What is the difference between a double boiler and a slow cooker

The difference between a double boiler and a slow cooker can be identified, even based on the name. It becomes clear that a rather simple principle of operation of a double boiler is implemented on the basis of steam. It enters the container by boiling water.

Features of a double boiler

This device is controlled via the display, which guarantees convenience. In addition, it is possible to cook several dishes at the same time. Liquid is poured into the lower bowl, and the desired ingredients are placed in the upper unit (there may be more).

In this case, it is not necessary to use various oils in cooking. This will not only preserve the beneficial properties and substances of the product, but also make the product dietary. So do not worry about your health and your figure.

In addition, the design of the double boiler is equipped with many functions that can be as diverse as possible: from standard stewing, cooking and baking, to making cakes, cereals and all kinds of cereals. You should not forget about the ability to defrost and heat everything that will be put inside the device. The unit’s working capacity is high; you don’t have to wait too long for food to be cooked.

Slow Cooker Features

What is the difference between a double boiler and a slow cooker? A slow cooker differs from all similar kitchen appliances in its variety of recipes that it can easily turn into reality. Thanks to her, you will understand that in one unit it is really possible to create any product.

This is not only typical cooking or stewing, but also the function of grilling, baking, frying meat products, fish. However, the crock-pot is intended only for use of one bowl. But there is a huge number of basic functions, and additional ones.

These include, for example, delayed start, built-in timer and recipes, heating. Cope with the work of the multicooker and without human intervention. You just need to put the components, press the button and wait for the complete preparation. If you want to configure the mode yourself, then this is only welcome, more than 30 programs can be present.

Comparative analysis of the pros and cons of devices

What is the difference between a slow cooker and a double boiler? Now that the basic aspects have been taken apart, we can begin the comparison.

  1. As was emphasized above - in the first one there is the opportunity to cook only one dish, in the second - several.
  2. As for the care, it’s the ease of cleaning the multicooker. In a double boiler, regardless of the number of bowls, cleansing is more difficult.
  3. A slow cooker, by virtue of its capabilities, carries out manufacturing in many ways. In a word - it is universal. It can replace the stove, electric grill, pan.
  4. Food that is processed in a double boiler is more wholesome.
  5. If you take buckwheat, rice or other cereals, it may be difficult for a double boiler.
  6. Speaking about the speed of tasks, in a double boiler, things are faster.
  7. In addition, it is lightweight and easy to use and use.
  8. When discussing the issue of the amount of money usually wins a double boiler. Its cost starts at 500 rubles. A crock-pot costs from 1000 rubles.

To summarize: which device is better

What is the difference between a double boiler and a slow cooker, understandably. If the usefulness of food is important to you, you have small children in your family, you want to save time and you have a small budget, then, of course, a double boiler is your optimal device. In other cases, for example, if you are a fan of the widest variety of dishes, it is recommended to purchase a slow cooker.

Watch the video: Using an Instant Pot as a Double Boiler (February 2020).


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