Where the fridge is colder

Answering the question of where the refrigerator is the coldest place, many refer to the laws of physics. The reasoning is as follows: cold air is heavier than warm, so the coolest place in the refrigeration equipment is the bottom, in the upper part it is warmest. Despite the inviolability of physical positions, the temperature distribution inside the chambers is not so unambiguous. Much depends on the design of the refrigerator. The unit itself may consist of one camera or two. Let's try to consider the design features of each device and find out to what extent it depends on them

Single chamber refrigeration units

The distinctive design of the refrigerator with a single chamber

The freezer in devices with a single camera is usually located in the upper part. The cold air produced in the evaporator of this compartment, according to the laws of physics, moves down. Some obstacles to the full circulation of air are shelves stuffed with products. A significant role is played by the material from which they are made. It is one thing when it is a lattice metal surface, the other is solid glass or plastic. Thus, the free movement of air masses is possible only between the freezer and the upper shelf.

Important! Modern single-chamber units have a special valve located in the tray of the freezer. The function of this element is the ability to create additional cooling of products in the refrigerator, the degree of which directly depends on its position.

Which shelves are the coldest in single-chamber refrigerators

The coldest place is under the freezer. The cooling of the space between the first (top) and second shelves is achieved, but its degree is lower than at the previous level. In a similar way, everything happens further, each subsequent storage area is warmer. Thus, at the very bottom of the refrigerator, the temperature is higher than at the top. The considered feature of single-chamber aggregates, of course, is somewhat arbitrary.

Since a sufficiently large number of factors affects the temperature distribution inside the device: the nature of the zoning of the refrigerator, the material from which the shelves are made, the degree of use of the usable volume of the equipment, the shape of the products or containers, etc.

Two-chamber refrigeration units

The distinctive design of the refrigerator with two chambers

Two-compartment refrigeration units have a different device, so the location of the freezer does not significantly affect the temperature inside them. By the way, it can be located both at the bottom of the device and at the top. Moreover, between the compartments there is an impressive dividing wall. Another feature of the double-chamber refrigeration equipment is the fact that each compartment is equipped with its own evaporator.

In addition, a forced convection system has been created in the equipment in question, for which special fans are installed on the rear wall. The task of the latter is reduced to an even distribution of cold air inside the chambers.

Which shelves are the coldest in double-chamber refrigerators

The lowest temperature indicators will, of course, be in the freezer. In baskets installed on the door of this compartment, the temperature will be several degrees higher. In the refrigerator compartment, the coolest place will be the lower part (“zero” zone) and the space near the openings of the evaporator.

Usually there is a large box for storing meat and fish. Above is a compartment for storing fruits and vegetables, where the temperature is kept in the region of 4 ° C. The topmost shelves will have the highest temperature, this also applies to doors - about 8 ° C.

Useful Tips

Long-term storage of meat implies freezing, so its place in the freezer. Previously, the meat is divided into pieces and stacked in plastic bags. The storage of milk, dairy products and eggs on the door is not recommended for the reason that the former require a low temperature, while constancy is important for eggs. Therefore, it is better to place milk on the lower cold shelf, closer to the back wall, eggs should be kept on the shelf in the container in which they are sold.

Vegetables should be stored in special containers, separately from each other. A special lid will allow you to keep moisture, so the removal of condensate from the back of the package is not required. Tomatoes and potatoes are best stored at room temperature. Fruits do not like high humidity, so in modern devices they have a special place in the lower part of the refrigerator.

Cooked dishes are best placed in the upper compartment. It is worth paying attention to the factory marking, which will tell you on which particular shelves it is best to store one or another type of product.

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