How to watch TV: with the light on or in the dark

Let's face it honestly, most of us spend the vast majority of time in front of the screens of smartphones, computers or TV receivers. This circumstance is not the best way affects the health in general and the health of our eyes in particular. But much of what we know about the harm of television is a delusion or remnants.

Do I need a digital cable box?

Today, digital television is increasingly crowding out its competitors from the media market. Already this year, all federal channels will switch to digital broadcasting. Many people have a question in this connection: how will the changes affect their daily lives? No matter how great the so-called "Internet party" in the country is, many people still prefer to receive information from the TV.

How to connect iptv to TV via router

Interactive television is a very popular service, and it can also be an excellent substitute for other TV broadcasting options. It provides high-quality broadcast TV channels and can expand the functionality of the TV. Connect iptv to a TV receiver in several ways.

Why do older people need to watch less TV

People of retirement age often spend all their time in front of the TV. In some apartments this device works almost the whole day. Inhabitants of such a dwelling get used to the constantly switched on "TV man". They not only talk to the leading or tele-heroes, are aware of their life, but also lose their sense of proportion and look at everything.

Why the church forbids watching TV after the funeral

The traditions associated with death are the most esteemed in the world, since death is an incomprehensible and mysterious phenomenon, due to the unknown and the fear of this unknown. Many people believe that after the funeral, traditions should be followed, in particular, the tendency not to watch TV. You can not watch TV after the funeral: the reasons for the prohibition to watch TV are due to the fact that its surface, like a mirror, reflects the silhouettes of people.

"Zomboyaschik" or how TV controls your mind

Who does not like to watch a series or a television show on TV. Of course, this is a rhetorical question and a larger percentage of the population watches TV daily. But is this leisure so safe? Successful people do not watch TV; Jewish believers do not even have it in their homes. Perhaps there is a connection between failure and spending time watching TV; and between success and abandonment of TV.

How to connect cable TV to TV

Television is able to brighten up leisure, and a modern person cannot imagine himself without such a pastime as a sofa in front of the TV. But to watch it, you must first connect the cable. How to do it correctly will be discussed later in the text. Regardless of the type of connector, not to do without a cable.

How to connect a mouse and keyboard to a TV

Modern TVs combine a wide variety of functions. In addition to watching movies and programs, there is also the possibility of accessing the Internet and launching various sites and applications. In order to facilitate the management of the TV receiver, you can connect a keyboard and mouse to the device. Is it possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to a TV? It is possible to make such a connection, but only on TVs that support Smart-TV technology.

Connecting the soundbar to the TV

Over time, manufacturers provide users with more and more different possibilities. Thus, from now on you can connect the soundbar to the TV. However, it is necessary to know certain features in the process. Therefore, in this article we will consider the most common options, as well as find out the types of cables that can be used in the procedure.

Why are there no TVs in most homes in the UK?

The average Russian can not even imagine life without a TV. Meanwhile, in the UK, people have to buy a special license to view this household appliance. And if you don’t have a television set at home, you must write a statement, otherwise a fairly substantial fine will be imposed on the citizen.

How to connect DVD to TV

Often when buying DVD there are problems with connecting the device to the TV. Experts recommend when buying equipment to pay attention to how to connect it to the TV, as some models do not fit all types of TVs, and need special connectors and adapters for connection.

What is plug play on TV

Almost every experienced and inexperienced computer user has heard of Plug & Play. This feature has been used on computers and televisions for more than a year. It is very easy to use and simplifies the use of the device several times. What is this concept and what is the peculiarity of such a function? Plug-and-Play translated from English means "plug and play."

How to find out the TV screen resolution

Many people wonder how to choose the right quality TV. There are many different factors to consider when buying. One such factor is screen resolution. This article talks about what permissions are and how to change it on a TV. What are the permissions?


Currently, on the shelves of shops there are many very diverse equipment, which differs not only in functionality, but also in appearance. The television market was no exception. Yesterday it was possible to meet many different models of TV devices, which differed in dimensions and colors.

How to stop falling asleep while the TV is on?

Among all bad habits, the habit of falling asleep with the TV turned on at first glance seems the most harmless. The fact is that a person lives in a world of sounds, and over time, the need for a sound background is formed. Falling asleep under a TV operating at medium volume is a fairly common occurrence.

How to update on TV

In cases where the TV has incorrect operation, which is manifested in a deterioration in the quality of the application (errors may appear), as well as a noticeable decrease in Internet speed. The reason for this may be an untimely software update. The new version of the software allows you to maintain the technical relevance of the device and eliminate errors made in previous versions.

Old TV that can be profitably sold

Modern TVs are quite expensive devices. Their cost is determined by the size of the screen, features and capabilities. Thinking of buying a new television receiver, we involuntarily recall the amounts that were paid for previous televisions. Today, their costs do not seem large. The price that can be obtained if you sell an “aged” TV becomes low.

Antenna amplifiers for TV - how to choose?

Despite the development of cable, satellite television, broadcasting is popular. As you move away from the television station, when the signal is drowned out by buildings, trees, and also due to an improperly selected antenna, the broadcast quality may deteriorate, noise and interference appear.

Quantum dot TV - what is it?

Modern TVs provide the best picture quality, as well as the most saturated color reproduction. In this new models help modern technology. More recently, plasma flat panel televisions were considered the pinnacle of technical thought, however, now they have been replaced by other means that can provide a whole new level of image transmission and picture quality.

What can be connected to the TV

Not a single house today can do without a TV, and many have several. The advantage of modern advanced models is the ability to connect third-party devices. For example, when you connect a computer or mobile device, you can view photos or videos on a large screen.