Salt pads for joint pain and other

Salt is often used in traditional medicine to get rid of certain diseases and alleviate certain symptoms. One option for using salt is a salt pad. You can perform it at home and then apply to relieve different types of pain.

What pain can be relieved

REFERENCE! Apply a salt pillow, preheating it in a microwave or on a battery, or even a frying pan. After the salt inside it is heated, a pillow is applied to the sore spot. The effect obtained is the heating of muscle tissue, due to which the blood flow increases and swelling is eliminated. That is, the salt cushion operates on the principle of dry heat.
By the way, it is also possible to freeze, cool it. Pre-putting in the package. And if you need to get a cooling effect, then it is quite realistic. Just hold in the freezer you need a pillow for about 30 minutes before use.


Among all types of pain that torment a person, it is joint pain that occupies one of the leading positions. And joints in the whole body can hurt - knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, hands and spine. In addition to symptoms of pain, disorders in the joints are also accompanied by swelling and the inability to make full-fledged movements.

In addition to traditional treatment measures, it is recommended to use folk remedies. One of these recipes is the use of ordinary table salt, which helps with:

  • bursitis;
  • gout
  • arthrosis;
  • dysplasia;
  • deforming arthritis;
  • psoriatic arthritis;
  • rheumatoid arthritis.


Salt can also help with migraines. If you heat a bag filled with sodium chloride and apply it to the occipital region, you can get an excellent source of dry heat. Such an effect on the discomfort zone leads to the fact that excessively tense muscles relax, thereby eliminating stagnation. Blood flow normalizes and brain tissue ceases to experience oxygen starvation. In this way, pain is relieved.

Menstrual pain

For menstrual cramps, using dry heat will also help alleviate the discomfort. For this, it is good to use not ordinary table salt, but Himalayan or Crimean pink, which are rich in minerals.

Muscle pain after heavy exertion

If muscle pain is observed after intense physical exertion, then a compress of warm sea salt should be applied to the sore spot. It will help to relax excessively tense muscles. This will speed up the elimination of lactic acid, which causes inflammation in the muscles and makes any movement quite painful.

How to make such a pillow

To sew a warming pad, several methods can be used. Thus, they get different in shape and size products that are conveniently put under different places on the body.

From sock, sleeves

Method 1. If the pain syndrome has arisen unexpectedly, and there is no strength or opportunity to sew products, then the simplest method can be used. To do this, you need to take a regular cotton sock and fill it with salt. It is not necessary to fill it completely, but so that 3 cm of free tissue remains on top. Then it is necessary to wrap it several times so that addition occurs in several layers. Sew a needle and thread several times, making small stitches.

With a sleeve, everything is generally simpler. Tie one end of the sleeve into a knot, pour in salt, tie the other end into a knot. Use a thicker fabric. If only the right amount of salt was found in the kitchen.

IMPORTANT!Fill the pillow should be about half, otherwise it will be too rigid and it will not be comfortable to lie on it.


Method 2. Using a cotton cloth, you can sew a pillow of any shape. To do this, you can take a pillowcase or some other old bedding. Cut out two identical in size parts of the desired shape. Do not forget to make allowances for the seams. Sew on the sewing machine on the wrong side along the contour almost completely, leaving a small hole in order to fill in the salt there.

Then turn it on. Pour in salt and manually sew up the remaining hole.

IMPORTANT!Also, as in the previous case, do not fill the pillow too tightly with salt. Otherwise, it will cause discomfort during its operation.


In order to use the pillow with salt as convenient as possible, you must have several such products. This is due to the fact that the localization of pain can be in different places. So, for example, migraines or pain in the neck, require a pillow sewn in the shape of a donut or crescent. Having placed such a product under the neck, it will be possible to lie comfortably for a certain time.

If, for example, pain in the lumbar region, it is better to have a long roller that will be filled with salt. On such a product it will be possible to lie down, without causing a feeling of discomfort.

If you need a pillow to get rid of menstrual pain, then it is better to make products flat and square or rectangular in shape.

But if they suffer from pain with arthritis or other diseases of the joints, then they, as a rule, have a symmetrical nature. Therefore, two identical pillows of suitable sizes should be made. This will simultaneously warm, for example, 2 elbows or 2 knee joints.

The effect can always be supplemented and enhanced by herbs or aroma oils if they are not allergic. This is especially true for those suffering from migraines, cervical osteochondrosis. If juniper or conifer grows in your region, pick a twig or two and put it inside.

I wish you all good health and long life!

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