How to change the voice in the microphone

When for some reason a person is not satisfied with the timbre of his voice, or just wants to have fun from the heart - there is nothing difficult to do this on a computer. Modern Internet sites offer a variety of programs that change the sound background right in the process of dialogue or in gaming applications. Moreover, some tools can be downloaded without spending a penny on these goals.

How to change the voice in the microphone using special programs

There are very few Russian-language software products of this kind. But if you wish, you can always choose the right one from the proposed list. You just need to decide which version you are interested in - for skype, vibe or game channel, capable of making the voice coarser or softer.

Using AV Voice Changer Diamond

According to the creators, this development makes the user's voice languid and sexy. This is an ideal choice for those who want to get acquainted and make a splash at the first communication with a partner.

In addition, the entire dialogue will be recorded automatically as a separate file. This option is interesting for those who certainly want to share their joke with friends.

In the same program block, comparation of sounds is provided. That is, by decomposing the timbre of the voice into separate segments and comparing them with having a different sound, you can adapt to any voice.

Special Features:

  • the uniqueness of the effects will help you get to know an interesting person closer;
  • many effects are included in the demo;
  • simplicity and convenience of interface management;
  • optional voice timbre modeling;
  • maintaining telephone communications over the Internet;
  • saving conversations in the form of files of various formats (mp3, wma, wav, etc.);
  • maintenance of the Windows software platform, version No. 7, No. 8, No. 10.

MorphVOX Pro Application

The software will cost free, and the voice timbre will change radically. So it’s unlikely that even close friends can recognize you. It is optimally used in online gaming applications. It proved to be quite good on Skype, as well as in programs that allow people to communicate in direct contact format.

The design of this service is similar to Winamp: simple and convenient. Those familiar with this audio player can easily get along with MorphVOX.

Special Features:

  • fully integrated with software modules that open the possibility of online communication;
  • change of a voice timbre in a root (a children's voice, female and male tonality);
  • many different sounds and their combinations;
  • low system requests regarding analog programs;
  • a significant minus is the lack of a Russian-language version.

Scramby Utility

This software is small, but opens up the possibility of imposing a variety of different modes on the voice timbre at the moment. The reality of what is happening is so spectacular that it is absolutely impossible to recognize the caller.

Interface management is very simple, which makes the program accessible to everyone, including beginners. It is also convenient that it has an automatic function for setting the specified components necessary to improve the sound quality in a particular mode. This maintains clarity and intelligibility, unlike other applications of this kind.

It is important that everyone can add the special effects they like to her.

Special Features:

  • interaction with popular programs that support communication on the network (skype, steam, gaming platforms, online services);
  • selection of sound accompaniment of the environment (crowd noise, wind noise, etc.);
  • large selection of special effects;
  • additional sounds are easily added by pressing a single key, which instantly changes the sound timbre);
  • the necessary moment of communication in the system can be recorded in parallel;
  • interconnection with the Windows platform of almost any version.

Voxal Voice Changer for changing voice

It is considered one of the most progressive developments related to changing the voice timbre on the principle of online. The sound is converted through the use of various special effects: high and low tonality, echo echoes, timbre vibrations, etc. The alternation of the options used does not matter and depends entirely on the individual imagination of the author.

Moreover, you can take the sound track from any microphones.

Special Features:

  • the ability to completely change the voice timbre in skype, gaming applications and the variety of messengers used;
  • it is easy to change the sound of the voice in online format during telephone conversations on the network, as well as recording the conversation as a file;
  • there are ready-made most popular versions of software settings;
  • the necessary settings can be made in manual mode;
  • low demands on the system;
  • interaction with the Windows platform of various versions: No. 7, No. 8, No. 10;
  • a significant minus is the lack of a Russian-language version of interface management (you can find Russified software on the Internet, but it is not from the creators).

Thus, using the most popular utilities, you can effectively change the voice timbre in real time, as well as create files with recordings of telephone conversations on the Internet. Users of the worldwide network are happy to use these programs not only for fun entertainment, but also to encrypt their messages.

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